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A new way to prepare coffee

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AeroPress © defines a new way to prepare coffee: coffee at home and, why not, also in travels! AeroPress © is the result of research of the American engineer and inventor Alan Adler. Adler realized that the right temperature, the total immersion of the coffee powder and quick filtering are three key factors to obtain optimal coffee in terms of aroma and taste. The secret lies in the low temperature extraction and in the total immersion of the coffee powder in the water. This allows to obtain a rich flavor with a low degree of acidity and a little bitterness. The preparation is very simple and fast and flexible. Water and coffee powder are infused as you want depending on the outcome you want to achieve: for a softer and delicate cups, the infusion lasts a few seconds, but if you want a stronger taste and with a hint of bitter, just extend the infusion time. After the infusion time, exercising a delicate pressure thanks to the RAM: at this point the pressure extracts from water aromatic characteristics that normally filter coffee remain unspoken.

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